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Writer's Block: Golden Globe Awards

War Horse, of course.

Writer's Block: Thank You Month

in the evening, in Waterstone's Piccadilly to the nice lady at the checkout

Mum, why?

I'm crying... I want to vomit
She said terrible things to me
that i just wasted money for uni
for all the things i bought
well yeah i bought Milka chocolate sometimes
and she said that i just left her and grandma coz i came to the uk
and that's disgusting what i'm doing to them

am i really so bad?

what did i do that i deserve this?


Humans, stop torturing me

Just fuck it. Mum comes online just before I want to go to sleep and hurts me. Great. Thank you very much.
Thank you for accusing me for something I have no idea about what it is.


Writer's Block: Bare necessities

Doctor Who, my best friend, music
Fuck it, I've never been a good blogger here, have I? It's a bit frustrating that I left my first LJ to be here with my best friend, but she hardly ever posted here ): I feel like a half... 'Do you feel like a puzzle you can't find your missing piece' Need to make her to write here XD

But anyway... Let's start with the riding crop. I mean, the end is just the beginning. Whatever.

A few things from my life in the past years which weren't posted here:

In June, I finished my exams at uni. Only have to finish my thesis and do the final exam and I'll have a degree in environmental science, yay! 
At the moment I live in London, London is cool. I work here as an au pair. I live with a very nice Irish family (:
Erm, what else? I had many many heartbreaks, I don't think I will ever recover from all the shit that has happened in my life, so I'm a bit depressed and on the dark side like always, but never mind (: 

I'm currently in the Sherlock fandom (BBC and movie too), deeply. I still love Doctor Who, more than ever, and other great obsessions are Criminal Minds and Supernatural.

Well, I think this is enough for now. But one very important thing: I created another journal where I put my fanfictions and all the other shit I made (like gifs because I finally can make them, and possibly fanart later, when I'll learn drawing a bit, coz I'm not good at drawing but I want to do it so I will).

That's it. Laterz!



It's me, Betty, after years, again! I've been watching here, but now I decided to post some things... First, a fic. Everything after that.



Yeah, I know. Been away for a long time, huh? But now I'm back! (:




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